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Lovin’ the Real Estate Market!

February. The month of Love, Valentine’s, and new real estate listings in the Bitterroot Valley. The news just gets better as the market improves and, as listing inventories remain tight, buyers are more interested now than ever before! With Spring just around the corner, now is the time to contact Brooke DeVries to find your perfect, premier, luxury home. If you are new to your housing search, Brooke has the skills and knowledge to walk you through every step comfortably. She will take all that real estate language and help the buyer understand the terms and what steps to take to ensure the perfect purchase. Brooke listens to her clients, and their needs and wants, making her clients not only satisfied but “feelin’ the Montana love” that can only come from a Bitterroot Native who knows Montana real estate better than any other realtor.

Western Montana has had a pretty mild winter, all in all, but we have had some snow, then rain, then snow, so we are finally getting the moisture we need to fill all those lovely streams and creeks that run through the beautiful luxury real estate we have on the market. Unlike the weather, the market is hot! Buyers are looking for those properties that are beautiful and luxurious, so if you are looking, now is the time to call Brooke.

If you are thinking of selling in 2014, now is the time to get the answers to your questions. There’s still time to get your home listed for sale in this early Spring market!

Buyers, resale home inventory is very low and rates are beginning to climb, now is the time to buy a home!

January 2014

Real Estate New Years Resolutions!

As we enter 2014, we reflect back on 2013. The housing crisis has turned around, monthly foreclosures are down to the numbers we saw back in 2008, and home sales have improved and become stronger. The good news is that although real estate prices surged in 2013, they are now moderating, making it a very good time to invest in your luxury home. The housing market is looking brighter than at any time since 2007.

With 2014 here, people turn to New Year resolutions. Montanans vow, along with the rest of the world, vow to save more, be better financial managers, lose weight, and eat less. Being thinner and richer next year sounds great, but Brooke DeVries has some ideas for a few resolutions you might want to consider.

1. Work with a qualified real estate broker. Brooke DeVries, the Broker, is not only qualified but a friendly, professional voice, who can help you and assist you in all aspects of your real estate transaction, whether selling or buying.

2. Expect Lower Rates. Rates are expected to stay low through early 2015 or at least until the economy takes off.

3. Understand your credit score so that you are knowledgeable when applying for a loan.
4. Find the best loan by doing your homework. When working with Brooke DeVries, she will help you find the best and appropriate financing for your transaction.

5. Build your home-buying team. When you partner with Brooke DeVries, you will be teamed up with the one real estate professional who can help you not only find the right luxury property but at the best price and on the best terms.

December 2013

Winter is here! If you already live here, then you have been enjoying the cold weather and now it has been in the ’40s for the last few days. But Winter will return, no doubt about that. If you are looking to buy luxury real estate in Western Montana, the Bitterroot Valley is where you want to be, especially in the Winter! There is no better time to find your luxury home than now. Look no further because you are in the right place. Hamilton is nestled in the middle of the attractive Bitterroot Valley. This alone is sufficient reason as to why you should choose to make your investment in this awesome place. Take advantage of Montana´s beauty by finding a luxury real estate property that has a large expanse for you to enjoy Bitterroot Valley views. Not to forget, Hamilton has an excellent school system and thus you can easily ascertain why it is the best small city to raise a family. Simply put, it is the last best place.

The process of buying or selling a house can be quite challenging. You want to find a realtor who is completely familiar with the area. Well, worry no more. As a native of the Bitterroot Valley, Brooke DeVries has the particular knowledge and expertise you are looking for. Raise any concerns or questions to her and be guaranteed of getting the best response. Brooke offers you the most reliable buyer´s and seller’s tips. She values you as an investor, so feel free to raise any concerns or ask for support and she will help you get the luxury real estate of your dreams.

Brooke is familiar with what people are looking for in a home and, therefore, represents and offers the best and carefully selected real estates. Be it luxury homes, mountain property, farms, land, or recreational property, DeVries Real Estate is your ultimate solution along with the most responsive and finest client care. Why Hamilton, Montana, and not any other place? This is perhaps a question you are asking yourself right now. Be prepared to be convinced.

Hamilton is a paradise meant for those people who have a passion for golf, and all outdoor sports; lovers of recreational lifestyles, and those who admire outdoor beauty. It is the most treasured among Montana cities owing to its easy access to the many local recreational venues from Lost Trail, Lake Como, and just an hour of drive to Missoula’s International airport, the arts, Montana University, and other nearby amenities. Hamilton and its surrounding towns (Darby, Corvallis, Stevensville) offers everything for the discreet and
particular home buyer looking to purchase a luxury home in the Valley.

The Bitterroot Valley is a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts with a great richness in outdoor opportunities and nature. Talk of fresh air, beautiful scenery, and the pleasant climate and you will be referring to some of the best features of the Bitterroot Valley. With the Bitterroot River running up the Valley and its abundant wildlife, fishing and hunting are just a few of the activities for outdoor enthusiasts to participate in. You definitely will not want to miss this!

Do you want to learn more concerning Hamilton and the Bitterroot Valley? Feel free to contact Brooke DeVries at DeVries Real Estate at any time. Brooke guarantees the best service and will find you that particular luxury real estate you have been yearning for. Want to hike, fish, hunt, and ride horseback? Real estate in the Bitterroot Valley is perhaps the most ideal place for you. Do not miss out on a chance of staying in one of the world´s best-renowned places. Take pleasure in visiting and then staying in this awesome city. Brooke is waiting for your call.

November 2013

Giving Thanks

It’s mid-November and it is the season for giving thanks! I want to say that I am thankful for so much throughout the entire year.

I am thankful for my wonderful friends and loving family, my clients, and the people I meet throughout the year.

I am thankful for my teammates and the teachers who teach my children.

I am thankful for being able to live in the beautiful and majestic State of Montana, where I can fish, hunt, horseback ride, kayak, swim, ski, shop, or just take a stroll or a bike ride down the road and back.

I am thankful as I watch the snowfall that I have a warm office and a warm home.

I am so blessed.

As you plan to give thanks, please remember the many ways to give back here in the Bitterroot Valley. There are also many booth/gift venues as the holiday season kicks off, along with Main Street holiday shopping. Thanksgiving weekend brings the Christmas light parade complete with caroling, wood-burning barrels to warm your hands, and hot cider for all to enjoy.

The real estate market continues to rebound, and the holiday season is the perfect time to view the luxury homes on the market here in the Bitterroot Valley. A purchase now would potentially put you in your new home for a white Christmas!

Helping you find your dream home is my specialty; from a ranch home to a Victorian-era home, or luxurious mountain property, the time is ripe for a luxury home purchase.

October 2013

Fall in the Bitterroot – Now is the Time to Invest in Luxury Real Estate!

As I look outside my office window or drive to clients´ homes or showings, Fall is all around me. The vibrant colors of Fall yellows, reds, browns, golds, greens. Harvesting is finished and neighborhoods are decorated with pumpkins, Halloween decorations, scarecrows, and goblins. It is the wonderful world of Fall in the Bitterroot. It is a wonderful time to enjoy as you look for your luxury home and then settle into the seasons that define Montana.

You may also see Pink! Yes, the Bitterroot is also full of pink pumpkins as we celebrate and honor Sprinkle Pink in October. If you missed the Scarecrow Festival in Stevensville this year, then make sure to put in on your calendar for 2014. You won´t want to miss it again! First Fridays are full of excitement and activity as the air turns crisp and communities come together to begin holiday celebrations now through December.

Home sales numbers look positive and the economy is better than ever. Now is the perfect time to invest in a Montana luxury home. The Bitterroot Valley is known for its world-class scenery and recreation, which can be as close or as far from town as you need. You might be surprised to find your seclusion can also be quite close to the amenities you crave. Does it sound like you can have it all in the Bitterroot Valley? Yes, you can! Brooke DeVries (that´s me:) will help you find that perfect luxury property you are seeking, whether it is a waterfront luxury home or your home nestled in the mountains with streams running through your views. I can help you find the dream property you are seeking along with the Montana hospitality for which we are known. Premier properties are my specialty and, as a Montana and Bitterroot Valley native, I will be your guide.

So come visit our beautiful Bitterroot Valley and make an appointment with me today to find the luxury and premier home you have been seeking in Montana. You won´t find a more spectacular place to live than Western Montana.

If you have any questions or would like to comment on this article, please contact me, Brooke DeVries.

September 2013

Trends in Bitterroot Valley Real Estate

As summer festivities wind down, the kids go back to school, and we settle back into routines, many people will start to reevaluate their real estate goals for 2013. Even if you might not have secured your luxury dream home just yet this year, there is still plenty of time to get back on the right track! There are some interesting trends happening in America’s real estate market right now and Montana’s Bitterroot Valley is right in the middle of the action.
A respected national online resource,, surveys thousands of real estate professionals across North America each quarter to provide a “real estate confidence index” based on city, state, and geographical region. Luxury homes in the Bitterroot Valley are no exception to the low housing inventory trend, which is resulting in increased housing prices and bidding wars between home-buyers. In Hamilton, Montana, and across the country, home-buyer confidence is much higher than it was just one year ago. This trend indicates that consumers finally believe that the housing market has rebounded from rock bottom and that better days are ahead. Although there is still concern about how strong the United States’ economic recovery truly is, home-builder confidence is on the rise as well. At the end of Q2 2013, Minneapolis, Minnesota was one of the most confident markets and New York City had the least confident real estate market.
Closer to home, a majority of buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals are optimistic about the direction of the luxury real estate market in Western Montana. Real estate experts have recently predicted that luxury home values in Montana and the Western United States will skyrocket more than the national average. There is high consumer demand for luxury ranch homes, horse properties, waterfront properties, and scenic mountain properties in Hamilton, Corvallis, and Victor, Montana. This has created bidding wars and seller’s markets in the Bitterroot Valley. Since inventory is low in many area markets, many real estate professionals have inventory-related concerns. The good news is that there have been modest increases in new construction starts over the past quarter, so perhaps the luxury house inventory is on the rise after all.
Since the local economy varies greatly from one region to the next in the Western United States, some Western markets are fueling their real estate recoveries and other markets’ weak economies are keeping them stagnant. More than real markets in the Southern and Midwestern United States, Western realtors have the highest confidence that their luxury real estate prices will increase.
For many Hamilton, Montana sellers, this means less competition for your Western luxury home and higher offers from potential buyers. For many Hamilton, Montana buyers, you may want to consider building your own new construction luxury home in the Bitterroot Valley. Since the local real estate market continues to change and evolve in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, stay tuned for more tips and insights about making your dream come true with a beautiful luxury dream home in the heart of nature and opportunity.

August 2013

Tips for Buying Your First Home in Montana´s Bitterroot Valley

Whether you´ve had enough of your noisy apartment neighbors, you´re dreaming of a huge backyard, or you´re starting a family, buying your first home is an exciting and overwhelming process. If you haven´t gone through the process before, friends and family will likely offer you all kinds of advice and warnings based on their experiences. While this advice will be well-intentioned, working with a real estate expert who knows the Bitterroot Valley and Hamilton, Montana like the back of her hand is definitely the best way to go. Regardless if you´re just starting out or starting a new phase of your life, Montana´s Bitterroot Valley offers some of the most amazing luxury real estate opportunities that you simply can´t find anywhere else.

Creating a budget is the first step to the home buying process, and luxury real estate expert, Brooke DeVries, has access to awe-inspiring homes for nearly everyone´s budget. As you´re shopping around for your Bitterroot Valley luxury home, you should keep your eye out for good ARMs. If you can find a good ARM, your interest rate and your monthly payment should adjust at the same time and your interest rate won´t affect your monthly payment. Make sure to get pre-approved for your new luxury home to let the seller know that you´re serious about buying and give you a leg up on the competition if other people are interested in buying as well. If you can´t manage to get pre-approved for a loan, then do your best to get a good interest rate and work with your luxury real estate agent to negotiate your ideal price.

After you´ve shopped around for your new Montana luxury home, you should try to avoid pre-payment penalties so you don´t end up stuck with fees in case you want to sell your luxury property before the balance of your mortgage is due. Although home equity loans are tempting when money gets tight, try to avoid taking one out because these types of loans almost always add up to more than the value of your home. To avoid last-minute stresses, it´s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different real estate forms that you´ll need to complete and the terms of fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages.

Nuts and bolts aside, one of the most important aspects of buying your first home is choosing a location. For many first time buyers, it is difficult to decide which community will best suit their needs, fit their lifestyles, and inspire them to try new things. Unlike many regions, Montana´s Bitterroot Valley offers a little bit of everything for everyone. If you love a luxurious lifestyle of golf clubs, cultural activities, fine dining, and all the perks of an affluent community, then you´ll love exploring what Hamilton, Montana has to offer. If you love wide open spaces with plenty of freedom for luxurious home upgrades, unique architectural designs, and designer interior decorating, then you´ll love exploring the luxury real estate listings for Victor and Corvallis, Montana. And if you´re looking to pursue an active lifestyle full of adventure and wilderness exploration, the entire Bitterroot Valley can be an extension of your serene and scenic backyard.

July 2013

Unplugging and Reconnecting in Montana´s Bitterroot Valley – with Brooke DeVries

In today´s high tech society, it´s easy to get tangled in a trail of wires and lost in a sea of screens. But what about the real trails and seas in the great outdoors? For Bitterroot Valley residents, unplugging is easier than you´d think. To have the option of being in the middle of the action or stepping away from it all, consider the possibilities of a western Montana mountain property, luxury Montana ranch, or Bitterroot Valley residential home. The Bitterroot Valley embodies the spirit of wide-open spaces with world-class fly fishing, adventurous hiking trails, and picturesque views from the comfort of your new luxury home´s living room. Very few other regions of the country offer blissful serenity and a luxurious lifestyle in the way the Bitterroot Valley can.

The Bitterroot Valley has been described as one of the last great western frontiers, thanks to its western history, cowboy vibe, rugged adventure, prevalent wildlife, and friendly people. For even more adventure, you can hop in the car and drive to nearby Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. However, reconnecting with nature begins at home, and Brooke DeVries can help you navigate your way through Hamilton, Montana real estate, and Corvallis, Montana real estate. Real estate in the Bitterroot Valley is diverse as its people are. Real estate expert, Brooke DeVries, has access to everything from multi-million dollar ranches to elegant estates, farm properties, small historic downtown houses, and affordable townhomes.

Unplugging from technology and prescribing yourself a media diet can be as simple as designating one tech-free evening each week. When you have the pleasure of spending your evenings in your very own Montana luxury home, you´ll likely have trouble keeping your eyes off the stunning mountain views and exceptional sunsets anyway. For added inspiration, head into Hamilton, Montana to attend a theater performance, check out a musical concert or take a painting class. The Bitterroot Valley has plenty of festivals to keep you entertained and even more hiking trails to keep you active in the great outdoors. To get started, visit some of the area´s local farmer´s markets and plan a nutritious and delicious meal for your family to enjoy together in the comfort of your beautiful new piece of luxury real estate. Then hide the television remote and pick up a book to wind down before bedtime.

Take a scenic drive around Hamilton, Corvallis, Victor, Stevensville, Darby, Missoula, or Florence, Montana, and picture yourself in one of the luxurious dream homes you see throughout the Bitterroot Valley. The moment you take a deep breath of fresh mountain air on the steps of your new riverfront luxury home in Hamilton, Montana, or elegant log home in Victor, Montana, you´ll understand why Bitterroot Valley residents love where they live. Location is a huge factor in determining your physical health and mental wellbeing. Brooke DeVries´ Bitterroot Valley luxury real estate will inspire you to unplug your distracting devices and reconnect with nature right in your own backyard.

June 2013
Experience Bitterroot Valley´s Summer Festivals

When you´re looking to relocate to a new home, it´s important to start feeling like you belong there right away. Summer is a perfect time to look for a new luxury home in Montana´s Bitterroot Valley because there is always so much going on and so many events to get involved in. While you may be tempted to stay inside and enjoy your beautiful, premier luxury home in Hamilton, Montana, you´ll undoubtedly love the culture of western Montana once you experience what the Bitterroot Valley has to offer.

The summer season kicks off June 14th through 16th with the Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival at the 1st Interstate Center in Hamilton. Experience Big Sky Country at its best with art vendors, educational classes, and livestock shows. You have a difficult choice to make because the Montana Mule Days take place that very same weekend at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds. Where else can you participate in log pulling, donkey driving, and costume wearing all in the same day?

Our nation´s birthday is always a huge celebration in Hamilton, Montana. With the Glory Days parade, cowboy music poetry readings, and the fireworks display, you can celebrate the 4th of July all weekend. You definitely don´t want to miss the Daly Days in Hamilton, which happens July 26th and 27th. Residents and visitors will gather to celebrate the town´s founder, Marcus Daly, with music, vendors, street dancing, and kids´ games.
After strolling the streets, kick back and enjoy some traditional old-time mountain music at the Hardtimes Bluegrass Festival. Music from more than a dozen hot bluegrass bands begins will be playing all weekend, and you can even camp out at the festival for $10! July 27th is a fun-filled day you simply can´t miss in Hamilton. The popular Annual Bitterroot Microbrew Fest, which features tastings, non-alcoholic drinks, live music, and food vendors, takes place on this day as well.

So if you´re looking to buy a luxury home in Hamilton, Montana, the beginning of summer is the best time to get in and get settled. Since Brooke DeVries is the Bitterroot Valley real estate expert, she can help you find your dream home in no time at all. Whether you´re looking for a new luxury dream home in Hamilton, Montana, or nearby Corvallis and Victor, there are plenty of ranch homes, mountain properties, horse properties, and Victorian-era homes from you to choose from in the region. Brooke will handle all the details so you can start falling in love with your new home, both inside and out.

May 2013

Taking Advantage of Your Luxury Home´s Outdoor Space

It´s that time of year when everyone wants to spend time in the great outdoors. Fortunately for Western Montana residents, the great outdoors is just a few steps away. Brooke DeVries´ luxury homes are uniquely situated in one of the most beautiful places to enjoy nature from the comfort of your home: the Bitterroot Valley.

There are countless ways to take advantage of your new luxury home´s outdoor space. If your new home is built on a waterfront site, you´ll likely want to plan design features that allow you to enjoy the water. For the spring and summer season, new homeowners may want to add their own luxury outdoor features, such as a pool, hot tub, deck, or patio. Perhaps your yard would look perfect with a bamboo canopied area or a soothing fountain. Perhaps a flower garden or a vegetable garden would complement both your backyard and your lifestyle. Or perhaps a luxury home with a four-season sunroom would be a practical addition for your family to use throughout the year.

Whether you´ve always dreamed of a towering canyon view in Victor, fishing for trout in your very own ponds in Hamilton, or entertaining guests on your custom-made deck in Corvallis, Brooke DeVries can help you make the most of your outdoor space. For nature lovers, the outdoor space of a luxury home should be planned just as much as the indoor space. Other locations around the country can´t compete with the stunning natural beauty of the Bitterroot Valley.

The great outdoors can be your luxury home´s biggest asset, so step outside and enjoy it!

April 2013

Find Your Picturesque Lifestyle in a Premiere Victorian Home

Victorian homes are unique, ornamental, and timelessly beautiful. Thanks to custom remodeling techniques and renovated structural designs, Victorian homes can also be in mint condition when you move in. Brooke Devries specializes in Victorian homes and can help you find a late 1800´s architectural masterpiece to fall in love with. If you´re looking for a luxury home in Hamilton, Montana, Victorian may be the way to go.

Victorian architecture typically features detailed embellishments, fine wood carvings, and eye-catching artistic details. One benefit of owning a Victorian home is that the furnishings are distinctive. You´ll easily be able to choose unique furnishings at antique shops, estate sales, and online retailers. Traditional marble fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, and stained glass windows will make you feel like royalty every day. Premier homes with historic flare are becoming increasingly popular in the Hamilton, Montana area.

Elaborate porches and balconies are also common features of Victorian premier homes. Porches on the ground level shield homeowners from sun, heat, and wind, which lowers heating and air conditioning costs. When situated in the beautiful Hamilton, Montana countryside, these comfortable outdoor seating areas are perfect for casual relaxing and summer parties.

Because of their tall and narrow architectural design, Victorian homes are perfect for small parcels of land as well. As if Big Sky country wasn´t beautiful enough, these luxury homes in Hamilton, Montana add a unique and historic flavor to the mountains and valleys. Take a look at some of Brooke Devries´ luxury homes and get one step closer to a more picturesque, cozy, and elegant lifestyle.

March 2013

Market Trends Propel Luxury Real Estate in Western Montana

The March 2013 outlook for luxury real estate in Western Montana is among the best in the nation. Recent market trends are leading many buyers and sellers to realize that the real estate market is rising. Now is the time to act to get you into your dream home. New home sales surged nearly 30% in 2013 compared to 2012 sales for the same time period. As a homebuyer, what should these increasing sales numbers mean to you? You might find yourself competing with multiple offers, as sellers confidently increase their asking prices. As a seller, what should these trends mean to you? It means that this is the perfect time to pull the trigger and put your house on the market.

Spring is here and outdoor enthusiasts are arriving to enjoy the unspoiled “crown jewel of Montana” – the Bitterroot Valley. Western Montana´s year-round recreational opportunities and Big Sky serenity continue to create a satisfying lifestyle that encompasses much more than the homes people live in. Spring in Montana means you still have some skiing left to enjoy in the mountains (82″ in some ski areas!), but also time to start fishing, hiking, horseback riding, trail riding, or walking along the refuge´s trails, whether you visit the Lee Metcalf Refuge in Stevensville, or the Teller Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis. Hiking to St. Mary´s is a favorite pastime of both visitors and local residents in the Bitterroot Valley.

To get the upper hand, it is essential, now more than ever, to work with a real estate broker who knows Bitterroot Valley and Hamilton like the back of her hand. Brooke DeVries is an expert in luxury real estate, specializing in luxury lifestyle properties. A home investment in the Bitterroot Valley is more than an investment in a luxury home, but also in an exceptional way of life. Come to visit – Plan to stay!

February 14, 2013
Trending Now – Luxury Homes in Montana

Montana is trending in the top 50 luxury home locations in the nation. From the distinctive architecture to the ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, the Bitterroot Valley offers something for those hunting for a luxury home.

No region compares to Western Montana, specifically the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Where else can you experience a brilliant sun reflecting off the snow-capped mountains of the Bitterroot Mountains, or enjoy the serenity of the soft velvet look of the Sapphire Mountains? Hamilton alone offers everything one could possibly hope for — from idyllic riverfront luxury homes offering beautiful private vistas to the short drive to see and shop the refreshing storefronts located on Main Street in Hamilton, Montana. Even copper baron Marcus Daly, who could have built his mansion anywhere he pleased, built his mansion in Hamilton, Montana.

October 22, 2012
Home Sales on the Rise in the Bitterroot Valley

Challenges still face the real estate market but, according to the Bitterroot Valley Board of Realtors in a meeting held recently, home sales in the Valley are improving.

The Community is growing as well, with Hamilton more vibrant than ever! The Bitterroot College is thriving, farmer’s markets, outdoor festivals, and community theatre are just a few of the activities that make living and working in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana enjoyable. People work here, live here, play here, and call it home.

The Missoulian writes that, although some of the home numbers reflect bank or government owned properties, most of the sales are not. Out of 243 homes sold this year, only 80 were bank or government owned properties. Statewide housing starts are up by 26 percent over the previous year, which is a good indicator for 2013. You can read more of the Missoulian’s article HERE.

As a result of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, some new regulations will make it important for buyers and sellers to become educated on how to prepare for their purchase or sale. As a Realtor looking out for the best interest of her customers, Brooke DeVries is ready to help both buyers and sellers prepare for this change in the market.

September 9, 2012

It’s Back to School and, for parents searching for the perfect home — Brooke DeVries understands that your search is closely tied to finding the best education for your children, and rightfully so. Did you know that finding the best education for your children might help bring you the best return on your real estate investment as well? Let Brooke help you find that perfect combination for you and your family.

Summer is winding down and clients looking for their perfect home will still want to make sure they have a spacious backyard and large deck for fall get-togethers and next year’s barbecue! Brooke has the perfect home to accommodate your master griller and your Fall parties.

August 24, 2012

A delightful article appeared in our local Ravalli Republic new this week. Old ‘Trails’ still reflect Stevensville of today reflects on writings from 1911 through today.

If you are looking for a home in the Bitterroot Valley, Stevensville is a community that you will want to consider. Nestled in the valley between the Sapphire Mountains on the east side of the valley and the Bitterroot Range on the west, Stevensville?s Main Street Association describes Stevensville as “a vibrant rural community. . . . in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana.”
Stevensville has a local community theatre that has starred famous artists who live in our community and give back by participating in the local Arts. The town still has its original wide streets, created to accommodate the horse and buggies of days gone by. Stevensville is also the host of the Creamery Picnic and Western Heritage Days.
If you love to shop, Stevensville has many quaint shops, serving the local population as well as tourists.
In August 2012, the median cost of a home in Stevensville is $178,149, higher than the Montana median (data from
Come to Stevensville to visit and you will want to stay. If you are looking for a home in Stevensville, or anywhere in Western Montana, contact Brooke DeVries.

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