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Bitterroot Valley Hiking Trails

The Bitterroot Valley is well known throughout Montana and the entire United States for its abundance of hiking trails. If you are looking for a truly unforgettable hiking experience you have to visit the Bitterroot Valley. The trails offer scenery like no where else, featuring back mountain lakes, abundance of wildlife, stunning views of the valley and much more. Weather you´re a novice or an experienced backpacker you have to make the Bitterroot trails one of your destinations. Here is a list in short description of some of the popular hiking trails in the Bitterroot Valley.

Blodgett Overlook

This trail is 2 miles long and considered easy. It has views of the Bitterroot Valley and ends at blodgett overlook with views of the rock cliffs. You can continue on the trail to Canyon Lake if you wish for a longer hike.

Camas Lake Trail

This trail is 3 miles long and considered moderately difficult. It has views of the Bitterroot Valley and an abundance of wildflowers in early summer. This trail leads you to Camas Lake, a small back mountain lake.

East Fork Trail

This trail is 10.7 miles long and is considered moderately difficult. This trail runs through the Anaconda Pintler wilderness and has an abundance of wildlife. The trail ends at Starr Falls and has beaver ponds below the falls, which often have moose. You can continue ½ mile to Kelly Lake, 1 mile to Ripple Lake and 1.2 miles to Hidden Lake.

Overwhich Falls

This trail is 8 miles long and is considered moderately difficult and leads to Overwhich Falls.

Roost Comb Loop & Kent Lake

About 7.6 miles long and is considered moderately difficult. This trail ends at Rooster Comb with views of the Bitterroot Mountains to the west. You can continue another mile to Kent Lake.

Warm Spring Trail

This trail is 9 miles long and fairly easy. The first 5 miles follow Warm Springs Creek and the last 4 follow Overwhich Creek. Capri Lake and Overwhich Falls are also reached from this trail.

Trapper Peak Trail

At 10,157 ft. is Trapper Peak, the highest mountain in the Bitterroot. The trail leading to the top is about 5 miles long and is considered difficult.

Lake Como National Recreation Loop Trail

This trail is 7 miles long and is fairly easy. It leads you around Lake Como and Over Rock Creek on a bridge. There are stunning views of Como Falls too!