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Stevensville Playhouse

The Stevensville Playhouse was built in 1930 and was originally known as the Rio Theater. Sometime in the 1930’s, shortly after being built, a fire completely consumed the wood structure. The theater was rebuilt, but in 1947, the theater was nearly entirely engulfed in flames again. The theater was rebuilt a second time and was bought and sold many times over the next 40 years.

In 1988, Erick Spiess purchased the building for his daughter, Gretchen, to be turned into a stage theater. The building was gutted from the ceiling down and the projection booth was converted to office space. Additionally, two new rooms were added (the current costume room and light booth).

A little over a decade later, a third fire destroyed the stage. A new stage was built, the wood frame was fire-sealed, and a few modern fixtures and amenities were installed.

In 2000, the theater was donated to The Chantilly Players. Some additional reconstruction was done to the front and exterior of the building. The improvements were seemingly truer to the original design.

By 2009, the theater had been renamed and incorporated as the Stevensville Playhouse. After a series of structural and electrical upgrades were made, the playhouse became what it is today – a wonderful performing arts venue for live theater.

The Stevensville Playhouse is located in the heart of Stevensville, Montana. Its Main Street location makes it conveniently located near many other must-see Stevensville spots. Read all about the current show schedule, purchase event tickets, and/or make a donation to preserve this special space.