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Westslope Distillery

When it comes to craft cocktails, few do it better than Westslope Distillery. This community-oriented distillery draws their inspiration from some of Montana’s most notable natural amenities – the mountains, lakes, rivers, and rolling fields. They seek to showcase the Montana experience through spirits distilled in small batches using only the finest ingredients found right in their own backyard.

For instance, one of the first bottles produced and sold at Westslope Distillery was their award-winning Sweet Sting Honey Spirits. This honey spirit is handcrafted in small batches using dark mead sourced from Hidden Legend Winery in Victor, Montana. Their signature spirit is 90-proof and is saturated with smooth caramel and honey flavors, without the sweetness of mead, and is complemented by a sweet little sting on the finish.

Since opening, Westslope Distillery has expanded their offering to include vodka, gin, rum and rye whiskey. Their tasting room is a relaxing place to gather and visit with friends. It’s also the perfect spot to watch their bartenders craft one of the many original and creative cocktails on their menu. And, in the summer months, the small deck in the back of the distillery serves as a stopping ground to many local singers, songwriters, and bands.

If you’re interested in joining their mailing list or simply reading more about what Westlope Distillery has to offer, including their bottles, cocktails, and events, please visit their website at You can also give them a call at 406.375.5590