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Lake Como

Just south of Hamilton, nestled in the scenic Bitterroot Mountains; is the iconic Lake Como. Boasting picture-perfect views and a variety of outdoor activities for locals and travelers alike – Lake Como is a must see throughout the year.

Whether you’re in the mood for land or water-based adventures, Lake Como offers no shortage of recreational activities for you to enjoy with family and friends. The well-groomed hiking trails are easily accessible and suitable for all ages and ability levels. There are also a number of spots to fish, picnic, and camp around this breathtaking space.

When the weather warms up, Lake Como’s cool, clear water is a practically perfect place to take a dip. In addition to non-motorized options like personal rafts, kayaks, and paddleboards, the boat launch provides plenty of space and parking for those towing motorized boats.

Surrounded by the most spectacular mountain setting, Lake Como is also ideal for sightseeing and photography. You never know what type of colorful landscape Mother Nature will provide. Needless to say, be prepared and be sure not to leave your camera behind when you make a stop in the Bitterroot.

Like many of the incomparable lakes around the Treasure State, Lake Como can get very crowded during the summer months. If you’re looking for a more secluded and serene experience, be sure to wake up early and avoid weekends to enjoy some quiet time on Lake Como’s pristine beach.

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