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Brooke DeVries
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Drive through the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana, and among the rolling hills at the base of the Bitterroot Rocky Mountains you will undoubtedly come across another area staple: the name
Brooke DeVries.

You will see her name on “For Sale” signs marking everything from $100,000 mobile homes to multi-million-dollar estates. You will see her name in the local newspapers when she is commended for sales and the opening of her new building on Main Street in Hamilton. Yes, Brooke DeVries’s name is everywhere in the Bitterroot Valley, because that is what happens when you’re truly dedicated your job as a real estate professional. “Every day in this business is challenging, fun and inspiring,” she said. “No matter what price range I am working in, I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment out of helping someone buy their Bitterroot Valley dream home or sell their current home here locally. I never forget that what I do helps someone to fulfill their dreams. I think people have a perception of what real estate agents do, and they don’t fully realize what it entails, it is a very challenging profession that requires a tremendous amount of hard work and commitment.”

“As a Bitterroot Valley native I know how much I enjoy the lifestyle here and I find it very rewarding to help buyers from out of town realize the dream that I have been living all my life. As a child we would horse back ride for miles to a back mountain lake to fish and camp, we would float the Bitterroot River and ride our bikes without a worry in the world… What a great place to be a kid! The Bitterroot Valley reminds me and my clients of simpler times when you did not have to worry about locking your doors or worrying about your kids if they go for a bike ride. In larger areas there might be more of an emphasis on what you drive, but here in the Bitterroot Valley, it’s more about a relaxed lifestyle and I love that about the Bitterroot Valley and Montana.”

Brooke and her husband Jacob DeVries had high ambitions at an early age in the Real Estate industry. As highschool sweethearts they saved money in high school and purchased their first home the day they turned 18. “I remember we closed the purchase on my 18th birthday.” Brooke said. While attending college at the University of Montana they fixed the home up on the weekends and sold for a profit only to go on and do it again and eventually specialized in building high end luxury homes. Brooke’s husband Jacob is owner of DeVries Construction Inc. specializing in building custom cedar and log homes.

Brooke has been in the Real Estate business for over 12 years and recently opened her new office located at 500 West Main Street in Hamilton, MT. “I know that my name is out there a lot,” she said. “I spend a lot of time on my job and work as hard as I can, but I don’t define myself by my career. Yes, this is a very competitive business, but I am proof that you can succeed without sacrificing values. I am here to raise my kids, contribute to our community, work hard and enjoy the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!”

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